About Toshiaki Fansub

We are a small amateur fansub group, which has the lemma to provide subs in diferent languages translated from scratch upon the japanese original subtitles for anime where there are no other or very rare subs of. ATM avaiable Languages will be german. In future they will be additionally available: latinoamerican and english.

Translate: JA->DE: toshiaki, JA->LA: nanashi

Edit: i.&h.

Typesetting: toshiaki

Timing: toshiaki

KaraokeN/A [in future by chen]

Qualitycheck: nekomata

Encoding: nekomata

RAWs: RAWS-4U, Leopard-Raws

Original-JA-Subs: kitsunekko

Releasing: Toshiaki-Subs, nyaa.se, tokyotosho

Contact: toshiaki@furry.re

Webdesign: Tenko

Scripting: nekomata

Logo/Banner: toshiaki

Domain: OVH

Hosting: Lisica

CDN: furry.re